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Naturcolor Hair Serum

Hair Serum

Naturcolor Hair Serum can be used as a hot oil treatment or leave-in styling aid. It turns frizzies into softer curls and works wonders with a flat iron to smooth and straighten hair. Hair Serum blends organic argan, jojoba and olive oils which condition both hair and scalp. They each restore shine and softness to dull hair and strengthen brittle hair by improving elasticity to prevent breakage. As they condition the scalp, dandruff or dry itchy skin will be alleviated and healthy growth encouraged. They absorb into the hair shaft easily leaving no oily residue. Hair Serum contains sea buckthorn berry extract to produce shine in hair. It’s also thought to retard baldness and stimulate hair growth. Other equally important ingredients include the following essential oils: cedarwood to fight dry skin and hair, clary sage and rosemary to help prevent hair loss and oily hair and ylang ylang to stimulate hair growth.


So nourishing, this Hair Serum can also be used on men's beards!


Size: 1 oz/30 ml

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